by Girls with Knives

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A Girls with Knives favourite


Merman Honey take me down to the Ocean, Blue,
Let me spend one Stormy night with you

Merman baby take me down to the ocean deep
Lay me in your waterbed to sleep

You've got some shinin' scales, eyes of blue, skin so pale
hair just like a bleached sargasso weed

Saw you lyin' in the sand,
You were half Fish, you were half man,
You smiled, so I hatched myself a plan.

You got the body of a swimmer, yes you do.
Michael Phelps ain't got nothin' on you

Merman, all around your waist is a ring of golden scales.
Smooth & slimy but definitely male.

Merman, Honey, call me when you're in the mood
I'd love to take you out for some seafood

Saw you stylin' your hair, you found it harder in the air
Salt water makes it silky & so fair

You've got some shinin' scales, eyes of blue, skin so pale
Are you just another test I'm gonna fail?

Merman, Baby, take me down to the ocean floor
Hold me like ya did that time before

Dancin' under water makin' my head spin
Hold me in the flukes of your tailfin

Merman Honey take me down to your ocean lair
As long as I'm with you I guess I don't need Air.

Teach me to breathe like you, under the waves
Let me explore your.... Caves.

Rode your seahorse into town
Like you were the only myth around
Look, You ain't even the biggest fish I found.
I could be tellin' fairy tales
but with one quick flip of your spiny tail
you were off like a shot and I ain't seen you no more

Now who is gonna believe
a Merman & me?
I guess I'm taking this one to the grave .

Merman Honey, yes I know your life ain't fair;
You live under water but your head's full of air.


released October 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Girls with Knives Montreal, Québec

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